Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Finally, That Video of Ruslan Walking

This video is from the trip to VA Beach a few weeks ago.  This was literally Ruslan's first moments with his new walker.   Sasha took the video and posted it on his ministry's web site. 

After just a few weeks, Ruslan is walking much steadier and faster than you see here.  He still has the forward tip, but it's not as severe.

Pray that I learn how to post from a video camera so you can all see his progress!



  1. That was such a special moment for all involved. It's amazing how things worked out..that Dave had walkers, I knew which one was right, and that Ruslan was just so excited to be using it! And most of all that Sasha and Olya who had cared so much, and advocated for him, were there to witness it! God is so good!