Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Perfectly Rational Family Outings

For the record, I have never tipped a canoe, ever.  I've BEEN tipped and I've purposefully tipped myself, but I have never accidentally tipped over in a canoe.

Therefore, you must agree that taking the kids on a canoe trip, regardless of their ability to walk, swim, paddle or keep their heads above water is a perfectly rational thing to do.

Besides, we have to canoe.  It's what we do.  For a few weeks there, when we first came home with the boys in December, Bill was really worried that they were too severely delayed and disabled to stay safely in a canoe.  I probably can't explain in words how depressing that thought was to both of us.  We really love the rivers here.  They are beautiful!

You have to GO to really understand, but since we got those canoes, anytime we want, we can take the family away and spend an afternoon or a weekend floating in utter quiet (minus the occasional bickering),  miles away from televisions, traffic lights, Wal marts and internet connections. 

I decided that, no matter what, our family would still go canoeing, even if I had to get a sitter for the boys.  Luckily, that won't be necessary.

April 10, 2011.  First canoe trip of the year.

No leg braces today!! 

I let Matt take the boys out on a short trip while we were waiting for Bill to bike back from the take-out spot.

Ruslan's Turn!

You just can't find sparkling water in a subdivision.

Find an island, take a nap.

Thank you God, for my family and for those canoes.


  1. Love all the pictures! What a cool experience for the boys! I just saw a video of Ruslan walking and talking to Sasha that Sandie posted. I couldn't believe how he still understands Russian. I feel like Oksana lost it very fast. Maybe part of that is because she was so delayed that she didn't even use the language well. Regardless, he looked amazing in that walker! I couldn't help but think of the little boy army crawling away from the worker to see what Oksana was doing outside and then getting discovered and hauled back in ;).

  2. I'm so glad the canoe trip went well. I LOVE the pic of Ruslan; so healthy and rugged! It's a sport he can pursue irregardless of his leg strength!I'm so glad that they enjoyed it! Darn I wish I lived closer! I've got my canoe under the porch growing cobwebs!