Thursday, September 30, 2010

Public Transportation with Children

End of Day Six

Vital Information:  We saw Ruslan again today.  We can visit in the mornings from 10 to 12.  He was all smiles when we walked in.  We got a few photos and played outside most of the morning.  We left at noon and after a life-saving nap, we did school, cooking and dishes the rest of the day. 

I got a call from Nadya (translator) after dinner.  She said that since Ruslan has a sister, the government has to legally separate them.  They are meeting to decide about this next Friday. We can't proceed with any more adoption paperwork until they are officially separated.  SO, just like that, we lost a week.  She said that we are lucky, since they only meet about such things once a month, and we could have lost a whole month.  I believe her.  In the meantime, we are going to meet to go over the other available boys to see if there are any that we might be able to handle along with Ruslan.

Not so vital:  Ok, so we got up at 7am, walked a few blocks to the Metro, took the green line to the red line, took the red line to "cybertown" and caught a bus to Vorzel.  It's short walk to baby house 5 from the bus stop.  We got there at 9:45.  ...It took 2 hours and 45 minutes to go SEVENTEEN miles. Same for the return trip.  We left at noon and got back at 2:45. That's roughly six hours of traveling for a two hour visit.  The bus isn't bad, but the Metro is very stressful with kids.  They pack themselves in those things tighter than Turks--and that is saying a LOT.  Plus, there is precious little time to get on and off.  We haven't got separated yet, but if we do, I won't be surprised.

Poor Matt was introduced to another aspect of international life on the Metro today.  He called it Death Breath.  I think they got him from both sides.  He might even have fainted, but luckily, it looked like the crowd was holding him upright.

Ruslan seemed glad to see us.  His smile nearly splits his face in two.  He is still quiet, but he has no problem letting us know his preferences. Right now, he prefers Bill.  He tolerates me, but generally, I'm in the way.   After being the preferred parent for most of the past week (for our other kids), I am fine with this.  Bill is great with him.  We spent the morning picking up nuts from some acorn trees that cover the playground.  We got a huge bucket full.  I suspect they will eat them somehow.  Ruslan was very determined to help.  He had his own bucket and I'd say he spent half the visit on the ground collecting nuts.  He's a cheap date!  We had the DS games out today and I tried to get him to write his name--or just an "R" with the DS pen, but it just wasn't there.  I had been thinking of starting him in first grade, but he may fit better in Kindergarten.  We are starting from scratch. I doubt that he's ever even written his name.  Plus, he is really small.  His arms and torso are of a six year old, but he has the legs of a four year old.  Thank goodness I brought pants of every size.

Anyway, I don't think we are ALL going to go to Vorzel every day.  We are thinking of taking turns so one of us can stay home and home-school while the other goes to visit.   I mentioned this on the way back and Reilly said, "Why?  I want to come every day!"  So, that is good.  At least they are enjoying themselves.  Vorzel is a small town, although I get the feeling that we are in a suburb and a bigger town is nearby.  I really like it.  There are houses instead of apartments, wide streets and lots of trees.  I would stay there, but they have no internet.  ...oh well.

In the back of my mind, I am working on a list of "Things Ukrainians do better than Americans."  Today seems like a good day to write it all down, since we may be here for a while....


  1. I have to look on my maps. it should be only one metro ride to the bus stop and only take about an hour total! When you go into the metro by McDonald's you go to the left and get on there, Take it 7 or 8 stops to CB backwards R which is 'svetoshean" like 'sweat ocean'. Take the bus when you come up to the top which has the BOP3 on it. That'll take you right into Vorzel. No red and green lines. No switching the Metro. Just one train ride , come up for air and take a bus and you are there.
    Glad Ruslan is the boy for you! I hope you get another one. His teacher felt you should get one that talks well to help Ruslan along. She also felt that he would be good on a 'type writer' and that he didn't like drawing activities. Try doing happy faces because he can do those! He hasn't been pushed and has little motivation!Remember: they felt he was the 'highest ' one there! Great family shot Danielle posted!

  2. wonderful, I hope it continues to go well and you find a second child this week.

    Can we see pictures??

  3. Wonder if you couldn't find someone local with a car that you could hire as a driver for less than the taxi at least soem of the days?